Build a Billet Flexor

There are many options for how to build a DIY Flexible Billet. First, measure the board accurately to be ermine the span between each board and the distance between them. This will ensure that your board is stable, strong, and secure. To determine the right spa for your board, draw a straight line on the board vertically (bearing away from the wall) and place the pencil at the center. This will give you an idea of the size of your ring magnets.

To begin your project, cut the plywood to fit together along the long side, and then use the soft cloth to clean any dirt, dust, or debris from the edges. Lay the board horizontally so that the long side is closest to the wall. Then, cut the board diagonally to fit against the plywood. The next step is to attach the board. This can be done with a drywall blade and screws. You may want to use nails or screws dDepending on how secure you want your board to be.

Now you can bend the board after you have attached the ring magnets. Use the drywall knives to hold the board in one place. Then use a tool to bend the board back into U shapes using a hammer. You will want to start at the far end of the board to make sure that you do not stretch the board while you are bending it. To create a crease in your board, you will need to start on one side. Next, run the knife across the ring magnets. Once you have created the crease, carefully run the board back along the U shape until you are able to get it to sit level with the surface of the wall.

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